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What would you say to a survivor? Write a letter or read a few… Share this as a gift.


We collect anonymous handwritten letters of support and encouragement for survivors. The word survivor can encompass so much because people get through and can endure almost anything. For the context of this conversation, we will use the word survivor to mean people who have experienced violence, rape, trauma and bullying.

These letters are read by survivors to give them something back that has been robbed from them- the kindness of others, hope, faith and the good intentions that others have for them.



It is our mission to gather proof that SURVIVORS MATTER and are loved and cared for. We give humans the opportunity to contribute to humanity.


For survivors

We invite you to see what the world has to say to you. For non survivors, write a letter in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who may not have the easiest time getting through the day.

The Future is Yours

Cyd Igot


You can help by sending letters to: PO Box 472 Garrett Park, MD 20896


Electronic Submission by taking a photograph of the hand written letter then email to us


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P.O. Box 472

Garrett Park, MD 



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